BACCARAT LAGNY Kristall Karaffe 42,5 cm

BACCARAT LAGNY Kristall Karaffe 42,5 cm

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This is a superb antique Baccarat crystal decanter.

No mark because made before 1936.


You will find this pattern in the 1916 Baccarat's catalog.


This is the famous LAGNY pattern, created in 1912.



Height: 42,5 cm  Diameter of the base: 10 cm

Period: 1912 - 1936


Good antique condition.

Only a fews tiny chips under the stopper and some white spots inside, only near the base.

This is rather discrete, you won't see it when you will use this decanter.

Decanter with its original stopper (same number under the stopper and under the decanter).



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