Schildkröten-Häkelnadeln mit 18 Karat Goldbeschlägen

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This is a rare and precious set of crochet hooks !


Tortoise shell crochet hooks with 18 carats gold.

No gold marks but tested as 18 carats gold.

The gold mounts are engraved by hand and set with cabochons for 4 of them.

This is a great quality work, worthy of the reputation of the famous Parisian store :

AUX TORTUES 55 Boulevard Hausmann in PARIS.

The shop doesn't exist anymore, but the fabulous building is still there.



Length: from 12 cm to 21,5 cm

Diameter: from 2 mm to about 6 mm


The bigger crochet hook is engraved with " 1914 ".

This is probably the date when made.


Perfect condition, very rare set !


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