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Here is a VERY RARE antique glass .

A Museum piece !!!  Called " Zwischengoldglas ", which was made in Bohemia.


A leaf of gold is applied between 2 coats of glass, soldered together afterwoods.

Thus, the decoration does not alter with age. But sometimes, a bit of

air seeps through the 2 coats and comes in yellow patches.

Unfortunate, but nearly inevitable.

Here the decoration is a rabbit hunting scene:

2 rich people on their horses give orders to the shooter, showing

him the 2 peasants holding a net where the rabbits fall when coming

out of their hole.


Hight: 13,5 cm.  Diameter of rim: 7 cm. Diameter of foot: 7 cm.

Weight: 4oz 7/8 - 137g.


Period: around 1720 - 1730.

When Louis XV became King of France.


VERY GOOD CONDITION, though some air got into the 2 coats of glass. It's often the case.






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